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Local Restaurants Take Part in Stone Soup Week

You can enjoy a bowl of soup at various restaurants around the province this week including Flin Flon to help support a great cause.


The Child Nutrition Council is hosting it’s Stone Soup week  which will support the school meal snack programs across Manitoba. The local Chicken Chef from Flin Flon will be taking part again this year and Dan Hlady says they are glad to be part of it.


"Chicken Chef has been a part of this for the last four or five years.

It's just a great way for people to come in and enjoy a bowl of soup.

And it's a great way for us to donate a dollar back to the cause.

You know what it happened in a newsletter or something like that with I think

food and restaurant association and we just decided to hop on board.

It was, it was a no brainer."


Chicken Chef will donate a dollar from every bowl of their 1978 Bacon and Cheddar soup which is sold this week. The Victoria Inn is also taking part with a donation from their Reuben soup and you can enjoy a bowl of Cream of Mushroom at Aurora and Pine.


The event will take place all week and a online interactive map and voting page has been created at childnutritioncouncil.com.

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