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Film Crew Excited About Documentary On Flin Flon

The Dinosaur Valley group out of Drumheller were recently in Flin Flon to film a documentary about the community’s rich history and legacy.


Crystal Kolt from the Flin Flon Arts Council  took the video crew out and about to different events and gave them a chance to interview lots of different people and they were impressed with what the town has to offer. 


" We has this film company come to Flin Flon to do this documentary about our town and they fell in love with the community. They were able to attend an amazing game with the Bombers where there was a shoot out and the whole nine yards. It couldn't of gone any better. They had a chance to touch on a lot of our cultural communities as well including the choir and Norva. They were able to visit Arctic Radio as it is one of the very first business's in our community. We had really good conversations about the Whitney family and Whitney House which is a family that invested in our community almost 100 years ago."


The video is being put together and should be completed within the next couple of months and will be posted on the City Of Flin Flon website. It will be anywhere from 11 to 15 minutes in length and will promote the overall perspective and rich history of Flin Flon.

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