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City Puts Together A Plan For Redeveloped Campground

The City Of Flin Flon has developed a master plan for a revamped Flin Flon Campground. The city hired a consulting firm out of Winnipeg to collect data, plus heard from local stake holders and community members on putting this plan together.


Cait Bailey the Director Of Recreation explains the different areas that will be outlined in this plan." We have finished on the campground master plan which is pretty extensive plan that includes a lot of different information on it. We are looking at expanding and investing into the campground into the future. This is a high concept plan with a lot of good ideas, and it is hard to imagine things if we don't put them on a piece of paper on what these areas could look like in the future. There are some fantastick ideas that we can piece by piece look at with the community and see where we should invest and where we should change things. We need to make sure the campground and that entire area is the best it can be and serving all the needs of our community and visitors to the area."


To view the plan in it’s entirety you can go to the City Of Flin Flon website and you can also stop by City Hall  to get a printed version. If you have any questions you can contacy Cait at 204-681-7502.

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