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Creighton Rec Christmas Events

It is going to be a busy holiday season in Creighton with a number of activities coming up for you and your family to enjoy. Creighton Rec Director Lindsay Shirran gives us the details.


"So we're going to be holding  a Christmas card making class on Sunday, November 26th at my rec office. We do have a kids class which is eight plus for $15 and we do have an adult class which will run at 6:30 for $20 per person. We do have limited spots and it's filling up pretty quick. We'll then head into December for  our family dance which we sort of co-host or have great helpers that come from Inclusion Saskatchewan, which is Anita and Amber. They come and help me decorate  and help out where needed. It's a fun event where santa comes, with  dancing and treat bags.Then on Saturday, the 23rd, we have our grinch skate at the sportex...The Grinch will make an appearance and we usually have candy canes and just a fun afternoon of skating."


If you require more information and would like to sign up for these events you can call 306-688-3538 or go to Creighton Rec’s facebook page.

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