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City Council Introduces New Policy for Worker Safety

At the last Flin Flon City Council meeting, Council  introduced a new policy for Attendance Of Unauthorized Persons on job sites. Councillor Mike Slipp explains.


"City council has made a commitment to go over all the policies that have been in place for the city of  Flin Flon. Some of them haven't been looked at for many years and this happens to be one of them. And this is more of a common sense thing  at work sites, unauthorized people  aren't allowed to cross over into that work site more for safety reasons, but also not to bother the employees while they're working.

 Asking why they're digging here and not digging there  sort of thing,  and again, a lot of that has to do with safety. 

We also  don't want people just walking into the back at City Hall. We love people to come to City Hall as long as they're invited and authorized to go in the back and talk to somebody. They're more than welcome."  

This does not apply to the City Hall lobby or any recreational facility including the Whitney Forum, Library, zoo etc. If you have any questions about this policy you can contact Lynn Brown at City Hall at 204-681-7511 or go to their website at cityofflinflon.ca

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