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Ground Has Been Broken On New Aqua Centre

There was a ground breaking ceremony for the new Aqua Centre project on Saturday with the Mayor, members of council and the community who all  turned out for the historic occasion.


Flin Flon Rec Director Cait Bailey commented on how everybody in the community is going to get the chance to enjoy this new facility for many years. 


" We are really excited, like you said it is definately a community based project and there is so much of the community pushing this forward  outside of the city . All of the construction companies, the engineers and all the teams that are working on this . It is definately  going to be an accessible facility which is exciting and it will be new and ready to welcome anybody and everybody who wants to come visit us."


Blasting will begin this week followed by piling,  then it will sit over the winter and they will start the concrete and the rest of the construction in the Spring. Bailey also mentioned that the fundraising will continue and sponsorship packages will be available soon.


The Aqua Centre will also have their own page on facebook where updates will be posted frequently.You can also contact Cait Bailey directly at cbailey@flinflon.ca.

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