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Max Porterfield Comments On Callinex Discovery

Calinexx Mine announced a major discovery at their Pine Bay Project near Flin Flon earlier this week. It is a brand new discovery hole and they believe it has significant potential to grow the resource base at Pine Bay further then what they thought even a month ago.


CEO , Max Porterfield says this is a discovery they have been working on for a very long time. " If you want to talk about truly how long its taken, it has taken over a century to make this discovery. Going back to 1919, when exploration first started in this area. There has been a number of historic explorers that explored it with a very large target based on the geology of the area. The geology points to a large deposit that should be there, in terms of Callinex we started exploring the area in 2014. We had a big discovery hole there in 2016 that we couldn't replicate and based on the success recently of the discovery of  Rainbow, it allowed us to have a new intrepretation return back to this area of the property."


The company will continue to work on this discovery and there are four different zones they are working on and based on the mineralization they have hit they believe they are on the edge of a system.

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