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Not knowing how your alarm system works could cost you money

At the Flin Flon City Council meeting last night Councilor Ken Pawlachuk reported alarm system reps are in town again.  He said the last time they were here several people installed the system resulting in quite an increase in the number of false alarms sent in to the fire department.  He said people are going to have to learn how their system works or they are going to have to pay the costs of having the fire department respond to these false alarms.


The Food Bank’s Dennis Hydamaka expressed concerns about the proposed special services plan for fire and police and increases in the utility bills due to the water treatment plant.  He said there are 126 families in low rent areas that depend on the food bank. He says if the special services fees come in it will increase what people pay in low taxed areas and more people will have to use the food bank.  Mayor George Fontaine said the fees have not been approved yet as they are waiting for a decision by the Municipal Board that will come sometime following a hearing they are holding tonight at 7 in Council Chambers.

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