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Hudbay history will be featured at the museum

The Hudbay Archives room was officially opened at the Flin Flon Station Museum on Sunday.


Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company was founded in Flin Flon in 1927.  The gallery was designed as a tribute to their history and the men and women who came here to explore, live, build, operate and reclaim. The Company’s Cal Huntley explained there’s been 46 thousand plus people who have worked at HBM&S over its history here and you tie that in with families and that’s a large number of people and places that have been represented here.  He say they’re well represented across Canada as it’s hard to go anywhere and not run into somebody who hasn’t had an aunt, uncle or cousin who’s worked at Hudbay.


Huntley adds it will be an ongoing changing display that will hopefully keep people interested in coming back to see the rich history we have in this region.



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