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City Council continues to review pump out service in Channing

Flin Flon City Council held a meeting Tuesday night to discuss proposed changes with Channing residents who receive city pump out service.  The contractor has requested a change in the billing method based on charges per pump out instead of pump out volumes.  The city proposed regulating the number of pump outs available under their program suggesting three pump outs a month and to assist those with smaller storage tanks they proposed a subsidy of two thousand dollars per household for tank conversion.


The main concern of residents at the meeting was the number of pump outs being offered by the city saying some homes require more pump outs because of family size and visitors.  After a lot of discussion residents suggested most people could get by with a thousand gallon tank with a pump out once a week.


Mayor George Fontaine said Council will discuss the program and input from the residents.  He said no changes would be made for a year to give people a chance to prepare adding they want the system to be as simple and affordable as they can make it. He added once they determine how many people would need larger tanks they can determine how the proposed subsidy will be handled.


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