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The Quarter Century Club Continues to Grow.

Membership in Hudbays Quarter Century Club climbed to 3187 Friday night with the awarding of watches to 12 employees who have completed 25 years of continuous service with the Company.  Safety awards were awarded to 13 employees with 25 years, 7 employees with 30 years and 12 employees with 35 years without a lost time accident.  Those receiving safety awards represent 925 years of safe work at Hudbay. 


The Vice-President of Manitoba Business Operations Rob Carter spoke on nearly 100 years of Hudbay in Flin Flon and now moving forward in Snow Lake noting the contribution the award recipients have made to the success of Huday…..


“But tonight we’re here to congratulate and thank safety recipients and the 25 year watch recipients.  You should be proud of your achievements.  Please wear your watches with pride.  Without the people in this room we would not be the business we are today and I appreciate our commitment to the Company.”


Also recognized were the members of the Flin Flon Mine Rescue Team who won top spot in Manitoba last year.


25 year safety 


30 year safety


35 year safety


25 year watch


Mine Rescue  


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