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Help Is Available to Make You a Non-Smoker.

This is National Non-Smoking Week in Canada.  The week has been celebrated annually in Canada since 1977.  Its goals are to educate Canadians about the dangers of smoking and to help people quit. According to the Canadian Community Health Survey smokers are more likely to quit in January than any other month.  Approximately 48 thousand Canadians die each year from tobacco use and direct health care costs in 2017 were estimated to be more than six billion dollars.


The Canadian Lung Association is a partner in Smoke Free Curious which is a website launched during Non-Smoking Week last year.  The site represents what a smoke free life might look like and includes a range of resources and tools to support Canadians in their quit attempts. You could also receive a free sample of Nicotine Replacement Therapy like the patch and gum. Go to www.smokefreecurious.ca.


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