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Regular Eye Exams Are Recommended to Hold Off the Silent Thief of Sight.

Known as the Silent Thief of Sight glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide that affects nearly 800 thousand Canadians today.  Yet according to a national survey by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society less than half of Canadians are familiar with glaucoma.  For Glaucoma Awareness Month the society is reminding Canadians of the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams as it’s the only way to detect this eye disease and prevent permanent vision loss.


Society President Dr. Phil Hooper explains damage to the eye from this disease of the optic nerve often develops slowly over long periods of time with few symptoms and the damage once done is irreversible.  He adds while there is no cure at this time medication and surgery can help you live with the disease and slow its progress. 

He recommends if you have any concerns about changes to your vision especially if over the age of 50 it’s important to communicate with a healthcare provider so they can determine if ophthalmologist intervention is the best course of action.

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