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It seems like half of Canadian workers plan to look for a new job despite economic uncertainty.

The survey by Robert Half finds those most likely to make a career move in early 2023 are Gen X and Millennials at 56 per cent and those who have been with their employer for two to four years at 61 per cent.


Working parents and tech professionals also indicated they would look for jobs at 55 per cent and 57 per cent respectively.


Spokesperson Mike Shektman was asked how Manitoba measures up to the rest of the country.......


“When you’re looking at Manitoba as a whole just to put it in perspective the November Stats Canada report that came out unemployment is now sitting at 4.4 percent.  When you actually drill down right across the Manitoba market and you’re looking at specifically in business, finance and administration unemployment is actually below 2 percent sitting at 1.8 so we’re seeing many organizations finding it really difficult to find those skilled workers that with driving still very much Canada’s driven market.”


Reasons for many Canadians looking for a new job include a higher salary, better benefits and perks, advancement opportunities, and flexibility on where and when they work.

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