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Northern Manitoba Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says the need for infrastructure that addresses the impact of climate change in the north is paramount.

Ashton explains climate change has a disproportionate impact on northern communities pointing to the shortening ice road season.


She says the governing Liberals need to invest in all-weather roads adding that she put forward a private member’s bill to address this.......


“We covered a lot of ground, unfortunately it didn’t pass but we were able to push the Feds to recognize that they’re not doing enough on this front and unfortunately Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are travelling the world but also here in our country pretending that they’re taking the action we need on the international stage when it comes to climate change but we know and the Auditor General reported that First Nations for example are not receiving the support they need from the Federal government when it comes to infrastructure in the face of climate change.  We know that here in our communities we need a lot of support.”


Ashton adds there are benefits to bettering infrastructure as it creates jobs and improves road connectivity in the north.


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