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The Economy in Northern Manitoba Will Be Taken to the House of Commons.

Northern Manitoba Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says she’s looking forward to fighting to improve the economic situation in the north this year.......


“We provide a lot of the wealth that this country depends on and we don’t see that wealth come back to our communities and we’re seeing less and less of that as Canada becomes more unequal and so for me it’s going to be important as our economic situation nationally becomes more challenging that we be a strong voice that it’s not working people and people on fixed incomes that created the kind of inequality that we’re facing, that it’s not our communities that created the inflation crisis, that we need to be going after those who aren’t paying their fair share who are reaping the benefits of our unequal system and that’s the ultra-rich so I’m looking forward to holding the Liberals to account on this front.”


Ashton also mentioned she would hold the opposition Conservatives to account as she says they vote against working people and our communities’ interest.


She goes on to say that she looks forward to hearing from constituents in 2023 and visiting the various communities she represents throughout the year.

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