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Small Wild Fires Were Part of the Fire Chiefs Report.

At the Flin Flon City Council meeting Tuesday night Council received the Fire Chiefs report for August.  It indicated six fire calls for the month including three wildfires and one possible wild fire.


On the 8th there was a report of smoke in the Ross Lake area where they found a small fire.  They hauled pumps to the lake and were able to extinguish the fire.  On the 16th they received a report of smoke around 91 Green Street.  They found a small fire in the trees which they contained and extinguished.  On the 17th there was a report of smoke in the area of 94 Green Street where they extinguished a small fire and on the 23rd a report of smoke just off the Trout Lake road proved to be a false alarm.  On the 12th they responded to alarms sounding in a building on Green Street but found no fire and on the 19th they received a call that EMS required assistance with the use of off road rescue equipment but they were later called off.


The Fire Department conducted ammonia procedure training as well as off road rescue practices.

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