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With it being Farm and Food Awareness Week Agriculture in the Classroom has launched its new resource for Manitoba teachers and students.

Executive Director of the non-profit Sue Clayton has the details on the Foundations of Manitoba Agriculture Virtual Resource Hub........


“It is really a series of interactive resources that helps teachers educate students about the different crops and animals raised in Manitoba.  We have 18 different commodities on there to start and each resource includes an in depth sheet with background information for older students and for teachers that has a lot more detail about that particular crop or animal and then there’s a summary sheet of really bite size information for younger students to take in with some graphics and pictures and then there is an interactive E-learning webpage with games and multi-media components.”


Clayton says not enough Manitobans know where their food comes from and the hope is that this resource will help students and educators across the province to incorporate agricultural studies as a part of their lesson plans.


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