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The Manitoba Federation of Labour Held its Quarterly Executive Meeting in Thompson.

The Manitoba Federation of Labour and other union and labour organizations were in Thompson last week to talk about issues affecting working people in the province.


MFL President Kevin Rebeck says the minimum wage and paid sick leave are a top priority......


“I think whether you’re in the north or anywhere in Manitoba over half of Manitobans have no paid sick days so one of the initiatives that we’re working on is we have a postcard campaign going on calling for the establishment of ten paid sick days for all workers so people don’t have to make that impossible choice between coming in contagious and infecting others or not having a paycheque, they should have that, we should have paid sick days in legislation for everyone.”


Rebeck says while he’s glad the provincial government is taking steps to increase the minimum wage those steps don’t go far enough and they should be aiming closer to 20 dollars an hour for a livable wage.


He goes on to say that issues that were brought up during the meeting will be taken into consideration when prioritizing future MFL campaigns and lobbying efforts.


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