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You can be sure food is being handled safely

A safe food handling course is coming to Flin Flon Monday for people who work in the food industry or prepare food at functions where a lot of people are involved.  The courses James Dean says it runs the full day and they have various sections that they talk about from areas of preventing food borne illnesses to food hygiene, reducing common errors in the food handling sections that people work with in the food industry when they are in restaurants and other things like that.


Dean adds there’s a real interest in fast food in today’s society and the more they do in food education the more people realize they can do things to make it safer.  The course costs 96 dollars and runs Monday starting at 8:30 and at the end of the day you receive a provincial certificate.  To register call 204-623-3790 or drop in downstairs at the Flin Flon Public Library at 8:30 Monday morning.

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