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A Local Organization Needs Your Help to Keep Active.

The Creighton Branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is in need of an executive in order to operate as a Branch.  The group’s Scott Rosenberger explains members need to step up and relieve their current executive and get some new and younger people involved for the club to keep their activities going.  He says the unfortunate part would be that with the  help of the Northern Neighbors Foundation they just put up a beautiful shooting structure out at the range and if they don’t have the executive to keep the club going they then will be losing the rifle range as well noting they have already lost the archery range due to the building being sold so it would be nice to keep what they have existing around for a while longer.


Anyone interested in the executive or volunteering can contact a current member of the Branch, call Scott at 204-271-1742 or go to their Facebook page Creighton Branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.


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