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The animals are waiting for your visit



   The Joe Brain Children’s Petting Zoo on Green Street in Flin Flon is now open for their 16th season.  Zoo Supervisor Ria Rowe says they again have your favorite animals.  She says they have a bunch of new babies this year they just brought in on Monday.  She says she got her pigs this year, three little ones so they’re looking forward to getting them out in the yard this week and they’ve got a lot of new bottle fed babies including goats and lambs.


Rowe adds with all the new baby animals this year they can use some help bottle feeding them. If you are interested in helping you can drop in to the zoo at two o’clock any afternoon.  The zoo will be open daily from 11 to 7 but the hours may be adjusted a bit for a while to help the animals adjust to being here.  For information you can call them at 204-687-6910. Plans are being developed for their annual Hay Day in August.

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