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Two Northern Medical Services are Facing Staffing Issues.

The regional hospital in Gillam and the health centre in Leaf Rapids are closed until next month due to ongoing and persistent staffing issues.  Member of Parliament Niki Ashton has written to Indigenous Services Canada asking them to work with the province of Manitoba and take whatever measures are necessary including engaging the Canadian Armed Forces to provide emergency services in these communities.  She notes they need emergency staffing until Gillam reopens on January5th and Leaf Rapids on January 10th **.  She points out these centers provide medical services to people from neighboring communities including many First Nations and Metis people and the nearest hospital is in Thompson which is a drive of over three hours.


Ashton concludes our region needs help now.


**The Northern Health Region has announced the Leaf Rapids Health Centre will partially re-open at 12 noon on January 4th for Primary Care appointments.**

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