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You Are Invited to Remember the Women of Our Communities.

Counselor Calli Gerbrandt invites you to join the Women’s Resource Centre at their annual candle light vigil at Pioneer Square Monday evening.  She explains December 6th is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women and on that day they will be coming together to speak and honor the women who tragically died in the Montreal massacre as well as some of our local women we have lost due to violence.  She says they are hoping to deliver the message that we will continue to be persistent in our fight on violence against women.  She point out it’ll be starting at 5:15 and Elder Margaret will be there to open and close with a prayer and a smudge, they will have some poetry read and a moment of silence for the deceased.


Gerbrandt adds this will be a time to pause, reflect and remember the women of our communities.

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