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The Christmas Lights Came on on Main Street.

The Christmas season arrived on Main Street last evening with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Square.  Mayor Cal Huntley welcomed everyone to this special event.  He stated over the Christmas season this year I bring greetings from Mayor and Council and the City of Flin Flon but I want to do something else too, I really want to encourage people to be very kind, like all the time.  We’ve gone through some very stressful times and there’s more stress ahead I’m sure but it’s very important to be kind to your friends, be kind to strangers, be kind as we go forward.  There’s no point in being upset about anything, its Christmas time let’s be happy enjoy the season, but be kind.


Due to Covid restrictions a smaller celebration was held in Pioneer Square but there still a good turnout for the lighting with carols with Mark Kolt and Jen McLean, candy and a visit from Santa Claus with others joining on the City of Flin Flon Facebook page.  Christmas continues on Main Street with the Santa Claus Parade of Lights on December 10th.


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