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Christian Healing

               St. Peter and St. James Anglican Church invites you to a Christian Healing Conference later this week on behalf of the Order of St. Luke.  Reverend Ray Knight says they are pleased to host the visit by Reverend Mike Endicott. He says Mike is one of the directors for Jacob’s Well, he’s from England and he travels the world speaking at different conferences and being involved in healing ministry.  He says he got to know Mike through the Order of St. Luke.

              The conference includes a retreat Thursday from 10 to 3 and healing services Friday and Saturday nights at 7 as well as learning sessions Saturday for 50 dollars.  If you would like to attend the Thursday retreat and lunch only it is 10 dollars and the healing services Friday and Saturday nights are open to the community at no cost.

              If you are interested contact the Anglican Church at 204-687-6054.


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