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The Town of The Pas is Assisting in the Purchase of Vacant Land.

The Pas Mayor Herb Jaques has announced they have approved the purchase of 66 acres of highway frontage vacant land located on the west side of The Pas at the town’s entrance.

The purchase was done in cooperation with The RM of Kelsey, The Kelsey Planning District, and the Community Development Corporation.

Mayor Jaques explains it’s technically in the RM of Kelsey but they’re working on it together.  He says if you travel at all you go into any sort of community and as you approach that community you see all those developments, big box stores or warehouses but the Town of The Pas just doesn’t have that type of vacant land but now with 66 acres of land that they’ve acquired as a group and with the efforts of the CDC they hope to be able to find somebody who will help to start to develop that land.

Jaques added that just about any business could be built on this vacant land and he hopes to see a business that creates stable employment opportunities. The land is located at the corner of highway 283 and Stockcar Road.

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