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Flin Flon Not A Danger

              In 2007 Hudbay hired Intrinsik Environmental Science to conduct a soil study and human health risk assessment in the Flin Flon area.  The soil study concluded the likelihood of adverse health effects among area residents from exposure to metals evaluated is negligible to low.  The health risk assessment involved collecting environmental samples as well as blood samples to measure lead levels.  Intrinsik’s Elliot Segal says they did this before and after the smelter shutdown with different results.  He says the levels of exposure in the community are very low and it’s a safe and healthy community to live in. He adds the results of the follow up or second study in 2012 indicates the levels had dropped to about half what they were in 2010 when they first did the study.

              The study team recommends Hudbay continue with the work they are doing to reduce dust from the complex, the public outreach program continues raising awareness of potential sources of lead including when doing building renovations and continue the education program that emphasizes hand washing especially among children.

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