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This is Concussion Awareness Week in Canada.

The week is set to encourage everyone to get involved in preventing, recognizing, and managing concussions.


Any blow to the head, face, or neck as well as a blow to the body that jars the head could cause a concussion.


The President and CEO of Sport Manitoba Janet McMahon shares the signs that indicate a person has a concussion. She explains most of the time they’re usually things like you don’t feel right, you feel like you might be in a fog, you have a hard time falling asleep, might be more emotional, a bad headache, sensitivity to light and that’s the problem, there’s lots of signs and symptoms so it’s difficult to diagnose which is why they are really encouraging people to get help or get checked out if they feel they have had a brain injury.


McMahon urges those who may be experiencing symptoms of a concussion to speak to a trusted person so that they can manage the injury as soon as possible.


Sport Manitoba is hosting a free workshop for athletes, parents, coaches, and sports administrators about concussion awareness this evening from 6 to 7:30.


Visit www.sportmed.mb.ca/concussion to register.

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