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Concerns Are Being Raised About Metal Concentrations in Camp and Kississing Lake.

The Manitoba Metis Federation reports they took samples of the water and sediment at both Camp Lake and Kississing Lake. They were then analyzed at ALS Laboratory in Winnipeg.  The results found high levels of metals that could affect the animals and people who rely on the lakes.


They report the contaminants are from a copper zinc and sulphide ore mine near Sherridon that shut down operations 70 years ago and was cleaned according to the standards of the day.  Since then contaminants have devastated Camp Lake turning the water orange.  Now the MMF recent tests have revealed contaminants from Camp Lake have made their way into Kississing Lake.


President David Chartrand says there once was a barrier between Camp and Kississing Lakes but now water flows between the two.  He adds many Metis citizens reside in Sherridon and Cold Lake as well as nearby communities that use the lake and many have relied on the surrounding wildlife to put food on their family’s table for generations.  He says mitigation efforts have failed and they are now forced to call on the governments of Canada and Manitoba to act before it’s too late.


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