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You Are Invited to Wear Blue Tomorrow.

September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba is encouraging people to learn more about the condition and reduce the stigma surrounding it.


Program Director Erin Crawford says the neurological disease impacts many Manitobans, both the patients and those close to them. She explains they know that over 23 thousand Manitobans have a dementia diagnosis and when they did a survey asking how many people were affected by dementia 62 percent of Manitobans indicated that they have a close friend or family member who has a dementia diagnosis so that number really grows when you look at how many people are affected in their circles.                 


The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba offers programs and services across the province, and Crawford states the pandemic has allowed the organization to extend its outreach through virtual means.


The society is asking Manitobans to wear blue and light up your home or business in blue tomorrow to commemorate and show solidarity on World Alzheimer’s Day. For more information visit www.alzheimer.mb.ca.


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