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Meits Residents of Manitoba Can Win Prizes by Voting.

The Manitoba Metis Federation is encouraging voter participation through draws for prizes.  Any Manitoba Metis Federation or Red River Metis Nation Citizen or individual able to demonstrate they are eligible to become a Citizen who takes a picture outside of a polling station and tags the MMF will have their name put into draws to win PS5 consoles or the grand prize a new Chevy Spark.  Those Citizens who help bring other individuals to their correct polling station will also be eligible to win one of five 50 inch flat screen televisions.


President David Chartrand says since spring they have conducted a survey of their citizens to understand their priorities which have been shared by the federal parties and the responses are on their website www.mmf.mb.ca along with the priorities document.  He adds their goal is to ensure the Red River Metis are heard and anyone campaigning to lead this country understands they must address their needs and priorities. He says if we don’t vote and don’t encourage our family, friends and community to get out and vote we can’t expect that any level of government will address our concerns.

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