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For the Second Year in a Row the Manitoba Rural Northern Juried Art Show Exhibit is Viewable Entirely Online.

Organized by the Manitoba Arts Network it’s an opportunity for artists across the province to showcase their works through a diverse range of media, including painting, drawing, photography, sculptures, and textiles. The exhibit features 50 artists from five regions across the province, including eight from the northern region.


Additionally there will be an opening reception on Zoom next Thursday which will give the audience a chance to chat with the participating artists.


 Visual Arts Coordinator Nicole Shimonek explains it’s important to hold the exhibit. She says the main thing is that people need connection so when you bring Manitobans together to showcase their art and celebrate it in an opening reception where people can discuss and appreciate art it’s so valuable.  She adds we really need it and with the ability t have the gallery and get together for the opening reception she thinks it’s even more important now in this pandemic than ever.


You can check out the exhibit at www.artgallery.manitobaartsnetwork.ca.

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