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Hot Topic: Spring Clean-up

              Dennis Hydamaka expressed concerns to Council about the cancellation of the community spring clean up due to cost cutting.  He wondered what seniors and others without trucks will do. Administrator Mark Kolt said spending cuts have to be made and no matter what is cut there will be people who will be affected with Council members adding hopefully neighbors will help neighbors. The City has cancelled tipping fees at the landfill from May 17th to June 10th so people can haul loads out there at no cost.

              Councilor Colleen McKee said the city has agreed that from 9 am May 25th to midnight on the 26th people can put large items that they want to get rid of in their front yard so people can go by and shop for items they may want.  The items would be free and should be clearly marked but if nobody picks it up the owner will still have to dispose of it.  Details on how it will work will be released.

              Councilor Bill Hanson urged people cleaning up their yards not to throw animal droppings onto the street.  He said pick it up, double bag it, put it in a box and the city garbage truck will pick it up.  He also urged pet owners to clean up after their pets which is a city bylaw.


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