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The Early Registration Deadline is Approaching for a Workshop in La Ronge.

Community Futures Visions North is hosting the Women in Business and Tools for Everyday Life 15th Annual Women’s Workshops in La Ronge on October 7 from 8:30 to 3.  Their Executive Administrator Jean Powell says the theme is Turn Your Passion Into Income with two speakers starting with Ashlyn George who had a passion for travel and now she made it into her dream career and it’s just to show people if they have a hobby say beading or leather work or sewing or something that they can turn it into a home based business or open a business using the hobby, their passion.  She adds Tammie Leonard is going to do a work shop on creating growth mind set and she’s going to fit it in with Ashlyn’s workshop to show how to turn your passion into your dream.


The deadline for early registration at 50 dollars is September 15th and 60 dollars after that.  For information and registration call 306-425-2612 or email jean@visionsnorth.com.


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