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Conservative Candidate Gary Vidal was in the Creighton Denare Beach Area Late Last Week as he Seeks Re-election in Desnethe Missinippi Churchill River.

Vidal says people don’t want this election but if we’re going to an election we need change in government.  He says he has met with people in this area several times and what he hears from people is that they often feel neglected and forgotten, they’re kind of at the end of the long Hanson Lake road so to speak and so what he’s tried to do is make sure they engage and build relationships with people and they advocate on the things that are important for them and he thinks they’ve had the opportunity to do that in the last couple of years.


Vidal adds the Conservatives have a very expansive Indigenous policy section in their platform which he had a large part in developing and he encourages people to look at it.  He says he will continue to advocate for all people in the riding if he is re-elected.


Other candidates in the riding are Liberal Buckley Belanger, NDP Harmonie King and Green Party Nasser Dean Chalifoux.


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