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The New Democratic Party is Focusing on Mental Health Issues in the North.

In Flin Flon Friday NDP candidate in Churchill Keewatinook Aski Riding Niki Ashton said the NDP is making a priority of health care in the north and a big part of that is mental health and that’s why in the federal campaign the NDP are calling for mental health to be brought in under universal health care.  They want to make sure that Canadians not insured when it comes to health care can access counseling that they need.  She noted their bold pharmacare plan will also prioritize mental health meaning that the kinds of medications people need for mental health would be affordable when it comes to pharmacare.  She added their platform in terms of mental health prioritizes parinatal health that means the health care that parents particularly mothers need before and after they have their babies and while talking about that she wanted to make a clear committment they in the NDP will continue to fight to bring back birthing services here in Flin Flon.

              Ashton was joined at Pioneer Square by representatives of We Want Birth and Pride Flin Flon.

              Other candidates in the riding are Liberal Shirley Robinson from Cross Lake and Conservative Charlotte Larocque from Thompson.

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