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A Legacy Project Has Been Dedicated on Main Street.

Co-President of the Chamber of Commerce and General Manager of CFAR Dianne Russell led the official dedication of Music on Main Street at Pioneer Square yesterday afternoon as a Legacy Project for Doug and Dona O’Brien.    She explained……


              “A couple of years ago my mom Dona O’Brien got the ball rolling with a sizable cheque and support for the idea. My dad Doug O’Brien was passionate about many things but the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street and community radio were some of his top priorities and with my mother leaving the community it was time to honor the legacy of these two people.  As soon as I threw the idea out Hudbay jumped on board by matching my mom’s donation.  Then the City Flin Flon threw their in their support and my sister Karen O’Brien and brother Tom O’Brien with CFAR did the same.  From there it grew.  Someone else who was passionate about this idea and also Main Street was Colleen McKee and the project is being finished this summer in memory of her as well.”


Russell added they are in the final stages of completing Music on Main Street as by the end of summer the remaining six sets of speakers will be installed, speakers will be moved to new positions and new music data bases will be in creation.

Several members of the family attended the dedication.

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