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Solutions to problem areas in the community are being studied

           The City of Flin Flon has been looking at crime prevention programs since a workshop two years ago on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, a program on making areas less attractive to those involved in crime.

              At a crime prevention meeting Councilor Ken Pawlachuk said there are issues on Main Street and there have been changes noting the closing of the walkway beside the Hong Kong due to complaints about activities taking place there.

              A concern was mentioned about vagrancy on Main Street and RCMP Staff Sergeant Andy Jarvie said they have developed strategic foot patrols and it is reducing the problem.

              The rock area around Hapnot Lake was mentioned as a gathering place for drinking with break-ins in the area, vandalism and graffiti at the Duck Pond and partying at Rotary Park and the Hundred Stairs.  Discussion circulated around the use of surveillance cameras and better lighting in problem areas as people won’t hang around if they know they are being watched as well as painting murals on open spaces to discourage graffiti.

              A standing committee made up of community members was formed to continue looking into solutions

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