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First Nations Need Help in a Search for Mass Graves.

Northern Manitoba Member of Parliament Niki Ashton has called on the Prime Minister to assist the community of Pimicikamak Cree Nation to fund a forensic search of the grounds of the former Cross Lake Residential School. She explains the Pimicikamak Cree Nation has been leading the way in making the call as early as Monday of this week to the Prime Minister seeking support, funding, financial support to ensure that a proper extensive search of the residential school brutally imposed on them for decades happens and they have made clear that this must include identification and repatriation.


Chief David Monias says it’s important to their community stating we want the truth, you cannot keep it a secret any more, our communities want to bring our children home put them to rest, proper ceremonies must be done.

They both called in the federal government to bring in international experts in this work naming the International Commission of Missing Persons to work with First Nations to make sure the work that’s done is done at the highest level with all the respect and expertise it requires with the full recognition that we are talking about possible crime scenes.

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