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A local taxation change has moved a step forward.

               Flin Flon City Council held a well attended public meeting last night to explain and hear comments on the future of RCMP and Fire Protection costs in the community.  They proposed taking the cost of providing these services of just over 1.6 million dollars out of the general tax levy and billing them on a per parcel basis of 536 dollars this year regardless of assessed value so everybody pays their share of the costs.  Administrator Mark Kolt said this will increase what people with a low assessment pay the city but will decrease what people with a high assessment pay which will make room for the city to raise the mill rate which has a greater affect on people with high assessments.

              The main concern raised by those attending was the effect this could have on seniors and others on a fixed or low income with others asking Council to consider if we need all the facilities that we have.

              Kolt said Council is look for the fairest way to increase revenue to meet the increasing costs of maintaining our infrastructure after asking all departments to cut costs wherever possible.

              Council passed the proposal on first reading with Councilor Skip Martin opposed.  It will now go to the Provincial Municipal Board for approval.  Kolt says since more that 25 people have registered an objection the Board will probably hold a public hearing.

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