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The medical officer of health for the Northern Health Region Dr. Michael Isaac spoke to Arctic Radio about COVID 19 vaccine hesitancy.

Isaac says he wants to reassure people that the benefits of vaccines still outweigh the risks despite reports of blood clots from AstraZeneca vaccines and encourages everyone to get the first vaccine available to them

He notes there haven’t been any serious side effects from vaccinations given in Northern Manitoba explaining what people should do if they do experience negative side effects. He says if you have very serious symptoms an emergency room visit may be needed as it relates to symptoms of a clot noting some things to watch out for up to 20 days after you’ve had the AstraZeneca vaccine would be really sudden onset of severe and persistent headache with blurred vision, chest pain, shortness of breath, leg swelling so chat with your health care provider or emergency department as needed.  He emphasizes those are very very rare complications.  He says some people and this is common will be feeling some fever, chills, fatigue for a day or two after the vaccine but it typically goes away very quickly and you’re back to normal after that.

Isaac adds there hasn’t been a lot of vaccine hesitancy from northern Manitobans noting they have taken this vaccine campaign to heart.


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