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Manitobans have the opportunity to highlight the worst roads in the province thanks to CAA's Worst Roads campaign.

In a press release the company states the campaign highlights the need for all levels of government to invest in the quality of our roads.


The Government and Community Relations Manager with CAA Manitoba Heather Mack says people can nominate a road for a number of reasons.  She explains you can really choose any type of issue so it could be if you are a cyclist you have a huge challenge and it could be a pothole, it could be something missing from infrastructure like a curb that’s collapsed, it could be something that’s unsafe so it’s up to you to decide how you define the worst road but they want to hear about all of them.


Mack says nominations for the worst road run until April 18th at www.caaworstroads.com with the results of the campaign likely released sometime in May.

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