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Millions of Batteries Continue to be Recycled.

The Flin Flon Recycling Center continues to collect dry cell batteries which are sent to Call 2 Recycle Canada for recycling.  Call 2 Recycle reports Canadians recycled a record 4.1 million kilograms of household batteries last year.  Manitobans recycled 98 thousand kilograms which is a slight decrease compared to 2019.  Flin Flon Recycling Center Administrator Deb Odegaard says battery recycling here continues to go well.  She explains last year was another record year for battery recycling in Flin Flon as they did 896 kilograms about 25 kilograms more than the year before and it’s working really well.  She encourages people to be sure to put them inside a small plastic bag or some other container and it works better if they have a lot of batteries at once rather than one or two at a time.


Since its inception in 1997 Call 2 Recycle has diverted 26 million kilograms of batteries from Canadian landfills ensuring these items which contain valuable resources are responsibly recycled to create new batteries and other products keeping potentially hazardous materials from entering the waste stream.


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