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Not a Lot of Positive Information Came from the Manitoba Families Minister.

Mayor Cal Huntley received a reply to his and Councils request for information on housing and infrastructure issues in Flin Flon from Families Minister Rochelle Squires.  Regarding the funding application for the Aqua Centre the Minister noted this matter is with the Department of Finance.


Regarding the need for senior’s housing in the community she reported Manitoba Housing does not have funding identified in the current budget to develop new housing directly suggesting they contact staff regarding the development of a co-operative housing development.


And regarding their concerns with the maintenance and care of Manitoba Housing properties in the community Squires wrote they do recognize the frustration with no local employee to provide service and they will continue to try to fill this position.  In the meantime she noted they do have a contractor making weekly visits to maintain the property and have recently added additional garbage bins to help address the cleanliness of the grounds. The letter was referred to the Committee of the Whole Council.


Councilor Karen MacKinnon noted newly tabled federal legislation would allow municipalities to ban handguns through bylaws but she feels the Feds should still be responsible for this.  Mayor Huntley agreed stating to have more uniform legislation it should be handled provincially if not federally.


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