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It Was a Fairly Quiet Start to a New Year for the Flin Flon Fire Department.

At their meeting last night City Council congratulated northern Mayors and Chambers of Commerce on their success in convincing public health to remove the essential items only list and allowing our northern businesses to re-open.


They also received the Fire Chiefs report for January.  It indicated three incidents in the month with the total fire loss estimated at five thousand dollars.


The afternoon of January 2nd they received a report of alarms sounding at Walmart.  Crews found a large cylinder of compressed CO-2 was leaking in the McDonalds restaurant. They quickly contained the leak and closed the tank.


On the afternoon of January 8th a private alarm system detected a fire in a home on Creekside.  Crews responded and found the alarm had been triggered by some light smoke from cooking.


And early in the morning of January 11th they received a call indicating a portable toilet was on fire on Bracken Street.  Crews found a plastic toilet on fire which they quickly put out.


The Fire Department also began CPR and First Aid training and set up a program to return to regular weekly practices maintaining physical distancing and all health protocols.


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