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Hapnot Students Are Sharing Some Special Projects Virtually This Year.

A group of grade nine students at Hapnot Collegiate took part in 20 Time Projects again this year.  Teacher Libby Stoker Lavelle says due to COVID-19 restrictions they needed to come up with an alternative format to the usual 20Time Showcase for students to share their projects with the public in order to have an authentic audience for their independent projects.  She explains what the students did is they each recorded a slide show and embedded their webcams in their slide show so they did a four minute video to deliver their presentation and then they uploaded all their videos onto a video sharing platform called Flipgrid and they have a private link that they are able to share with parents and staff and anyone interested in seeing those presentations.


Lavelle adds the students worked on their projects Fridays through the semester and the projects are as varied and unique as the students themselves.


Student presentations are live now on the Virtual 20Time Showcase on Flipgrid and you can gain access to them by emailing Libby at lstokerlavelle@ffsd.mb.ca or contact the school for the password.


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