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The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce reflected back on 2020 and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses across the province.

President and CEO Chuck Davidson says many businesses had to close their doors at various points throughout the year which hit some industries harder than others. He says they’ve done surveys regarding this and they know that the hospitality and the tourism sectors have been significantly impacted with having to operate at limited capacity, having to do so with limited staff, having to do so with limited consumers being able to come in so that’s been the real challenge for specific sectors in Manitoba that have been challenged more so than others and the north would be a perfect example of that noting obviously tourism is a big component of the northern economy.  He adds with the north being closed off to the rest of the province at various times over the past year that proves problematic.


Davidson explains the chamber has information for businesses on the different aid programs available to them and will be holding an information session to help answer questions business owners may have.


For more information, visit www.mbchamber.mb.ca.

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