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The Minister of Education Must be Reminded of the Importance of Local School Boards.

The President of the Manitoba School Boards Association Alan M. Campbell has issued a statement reminding Flin Flon residents of the importance of a local voice when it comes to education.  He states your right to elect local school trustees ensures education in your community remains focused on the community.  He adds….


“As one of the many Manitoba communities whose schools have shifted to restricted response level under the Pandemic Response System, you have borne firsthand witness to the tremendous commitment to education that has so amply been demonstrated by school leaders and staff at the FlinFlin School Division. With very little advance notice as shifts in response level have occurred throughout2020, these leaders and their staff stand as an example of the kind of courage, resiliency and adaptability that make our schools so successful each and every day. But I would invite you to take time to pause and reflect on what things would look like right now, if thecommunity did not have these local school divisions. If decisions about how schools would operate and how families could best be accommodated, depended on decision-makers located outside of yourcommunity.”


  Campbell urges you to write to Education Minister Cliff Cullen letting him know the autonomy of local school boards is a must..



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