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Rate Renewals and Funding Requests Were Part of the Council Meeting Last Night.

At their meeting Flin Flon City Council approved the 2021 recreation fee schedule with the exception of the Whitney Forum rates which are reviewed separately. The fees cover the RH Channing Auditorium, rooms and offices, Camp Whitney, Tourist Bureau, Rotary Wheel and ball diamonds with a general increase of four percent.  Details can be found at City Hall.


 Council received a membership renewal request from the Hudson Bay Route Association at a cost of 300 dollars.  They note their support is very important in ongoing endeavors to put Churchill in the forefront as a major Arctic shipping port for western Canada. Request referred to the Finance Committee.


Council also received a request from the Flin Flon Station Museum Board to cover the installation cost of the Christmas display this year and in coming years noting the cost of installation this year is 2115 dollars.  They point out there were major upgrades to the display this year covered by very generous grants and donations totally 11,600 dollars. Total volunteer time for the refurbishment will amount to 150 to 160 hours. Request referred to Committee of the whole Council.


Mayor Cal Huntley noted he is impressed by the number of people taking advantage of the numerous outdoor activities we have available in this area.

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